Because wine is a moment of pleasure with friends, family, professional relations, it must of course revive the taste buds and highlight the best dishes.

The pleasure is also the pleasure of the presentation on your table, since the beginning we wanted to present our wines with a plush and elegant dressing. Our red wines are presented in a heavy tinted bottle, a blue capsule visible from afar in your cellar and a 4-color design label.

To differentiate each of our wines, we have also decided to present them with easy-to-carry colored boxes of 6 bottles.

In order to facilitate their identification, we have decided since 2015 to leave the traditional cuvée names to move towards the numbers for each of our red wines. You will thus be able to easily memorize the favorite wine or wines of your palate. The chosen numbers 5, 9, 15 and 19 are representative of the years in 5 and 9, characteristics of the very great vintages in Bordeaux for several decades.