High Environmental Value: official recognition by the Ministry of Agriculture of the environmental performance of winegrowers and farmers.

The HVE Level 3 corresponds to the highest level of an environmental certification scheme for agricultural holdings.

It is a voluntary approach implemented by winegrowers or farmers which aims to identify and promote practices that are particularly respectful of the environment.

It is based on four key themes:

    • The preservation of biodiversity (insects trees hedges, grassy strips: We have replanted more than 1600 m of hedges around our plots with the help of hunting companies and the department to limit the environmental impact, protect streams from phytosanitary products , develop the flora and allow birds to nest in peace.
    • The phytosanitary strategy: we have invested in a plow to plow between the vines under the row in order to no longer use weedkiller.
    • Fertilization management: we have been working since 2001 with the Huon company based in the Cotes d’Armor, which provides fertilizers from chicken, cattle and horse manure.
    • Management of water resources: we are limiting our environmental impact by building a reprocessing station for wine-growing effluents from the winery, and a sprayer washing station.