Fruit of an acquisition in 2001 of an area of 8 ha by Xavier and Philippe Guironnet at the age of 23 and 33, the property now has a total area of 13ha. The average age is 45 years and we have undertaken a phase of gradual renewal of the vineyard. The planting density is higher than the average for the appellation on a base of 5000 ha.


The property is located in the town of Civrac sur Dordogne at a place called Les Graves. This commune is located along the Dordogne river opposite the Saint Emilion and Côtes de Castillon vineyards. The terroir is made up of sand and gravel, a hallmark of the very great wine-growing terroirs of the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation. The gravel accumulates the heat during the day on the poor soil made up of sand and restores the accumulated heat to the soil and the vines during the night. Old bed of the Dordogne river, the gravelly crust of the place called Les Graves allows us to produce elegant, very fine, fruity and complex wines thanks to the great Bordeaux grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot for the reds and rosé, Sémilion and Sauvignon for the whites.

The Men

Coming from a family of winegrowers, we wish to combine the love of a job well done, the continuous improvement of our wines thanks to modern vine management and winemaking techniques, and the production of benchmark wines for the Bordeaux Superieur appellation.
Our satisfaction: that our customers take as much pleasure in tasting our wines as we had in making them with courage and passion.

Our Wines

We produce AOC Vins de Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur wines.

We deliver to individuals in France and meet you with pleasure at our wine fairs. The privileged moment to taste our cuvées near you.