Château Elixir de Gravaillac

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  • Elixir de Gravaillac vin bordeaux
  • Elixir de Gravaillac vin bordeaux
  • Elixir de Gravaillac vin bordeaux
  • Elixir de Gravaillac vin bordeaux


The Château follows 12 steps to reach their objective

Care of the vineyards through vine nutrition following regular analyses of the soils.

Vine management whereby yields are strictly controlled to having a maximum of six buds per stock and through pruning.

Maintenance of each parcel of vines from flowering to maturity so that the grapes are picked in optimal conditions.

Strict control and use of artificial products ; these are used only when strictly necessary.

Controlled vegetation between the rows of vines at the end of the spring to limit the amount of water available to the vines thus producing grapes with more concentration.

Training the vines for maximum exposure to the sun which results in fully ripened grapes.

Partial leaf stripping to achieve better grape ripeness and quality ; this is done in July for vines exposed to the morning sun and in August for the vines exposed to the afternoon sun.

Green harvest carried out by hand at the end of veraison to achieve regular ripening of the grapes.

Harvesting at optimal ripeness and destemming prior to vinification.

Controlled fermentation – both amount of time and temperature.

Maturation with the " marc " and through microoxygenation to soften the tannins in the wines and achieve a longer mouthfeel.

Ageing in oak barriques for fuller aromatic potential.